Top 7 Best Premium Quality Aromatic Daawat Basmati Rice Brands in India: June (2020)


Are you planning to make Biryani at your home for Special Occassion to enjoy with your loved ones.Then it’s time to go with Daawat Basmati Rice Brands

To make this Daawat special, I have done a comprehensive research for you to choose Best Daawat Basmati Rice Brands.

It will not only save your time but also help you to make quick decision to choose the variety & prepare delicious Birayani & Pulavo

Whether it’s shaahi daawat, family reunions or for daily meals ,Basmati Rice is most preferred rice grain from beginning of this decade.

Basmati Rice originated from the foothills of Himalays in North India & Pakistan. India seven states are the major producer of Basmati rice in India.Also India has been world’s Top Rice Exporter.

Thanks to Sanskrit who has given us real meaning of Basmati: Full of Aroma. ‘Bas’ in Sanskrit language means “aroma” and ‘Matup’ mean “full of”.

In fact, the word “basmati” itself translates to “aromatic.”

Basmati rice is a unique Species of Rice originating in India which has two types: white and brown

Next Question which comes in mind is

1.What are the Benefits of consuming Basmati Rice?

As you all know Basmati Rice can be used while family reunions or for daily consumption. The benefits & Nutritive value it provides daily are:

1.  Healthy option for your Heart:
Basmati Rice keeps you Heart Healthy as lower saturated fat content are present.

2. Manage & Controls Blood Pressure:
Regular consumption of Brown Basmati Rice can help you get treated with hypertension.

3. Prevents development of Cancer Cells:
Basmati Rice contains 20% more fiber as which prevents the formation of cancer cells.

4. Aids Digestion:
Those people who are suffering from constipation & digestive problems should include Basmati Rice in daily routine

As soluble fiber present in basmati rice helps in promoting movement of material which aids in digestion.

5. Support & Helps in Weight Loss:
Basmati Rice is good for dieting and maintaining a healthy weight because of its fiber content.

6. Contains Micronutrients, Macronutirents,Minerals & Vitamins:
The high nutritional value of Basmati rice makes it good your health.

It contains nutrients such as copper, zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium,

vitamin B1, B6, vitamin E, K, and pantothenic acids

2.Factors to be considered before Buying Basmati Rice

As you all know there is indefinite number of different types of rice available in market now days.

Consumer has become so much aware now days that they demand for superior Quality Rice.

So we have enlisted some factors which should be considered before buying basmati rice:

1.  Shape & Average Length of Grain:
The length of rice grain is important attribute to be considered before buying basmati rice as average length is 7.30%.

Premium quality basmati rice grains are long and should not be simply fat along the sides.

The Longer the basmati grain is the better it is considered.

2.  Color of Rice Grain:
Basmati is considered to be at its best when it is translucent and creamy white.

The golden hue is a distinctive feature of aged Basmati Rice should be considered while choosing rice for making Biryani 

As a result the rice grains would come out nice, long, fluffy, slender, and separated from one from another.

3. Premium Packaging:
Always keep note that Good Basmati rice never comes in ordinary plastic bags rather the packaging is of superior quality.

Premium Packing avoids spoilage & prolong the quality.

3.About Daawat Basmati Rice – Best Basmati Rice In India

Daawat Brand in Basmati Rice is considered as the Finest Basmati Rice in the World which helps families express their love through sharing.

This is the best rice of basmati available across 60 countries all over the world.

Do you know during lockdown when life has come to standstill “Daawat Basmati Rice celebrates relationships with #PEHLIDAAWAT CAMPAIGN

Speaking about the Initiative, Mr. Ashwani Arora, CEO and MD, LT Foods, said, 

Through this campaign we wanted to build a personal connection with our audiences and recognize the heroes in their lives.

3.1.Facts About Daawat Basamti Rice Brands

1. Daawat works on Octa-Q Process which guarantees customers about the finest rice grains in every packet & every time.
2. Basmati Rice of Daawat are straight, separated, fluffy, & Non-Sticky Grains because of its cutting edge grain silos.
3. Every Daawat Brand is verified against the highest standard in basmati rice keeping in mind Quality & Safety requirements.
4. All the Raw rice is purchased from farmers and Local Mandis all over North India & Himalaya Foothills.
5. The Rice is then milled & processed before storing safely in grain silos.
6. Every grain of this rice elongates when cooking Biryani.
7. Long grain of Daawat – Best Biryani Rice have aromatic appetizing fragrance which make it more delicious, soft & flavored.

Recipes Delights – Daawat Basamti Rice Brands
Cook with Daawat Brand

The Delicious Recipes which you can make from Best Basmati Rice India: Daawat Rice:

**Saffron Rice**
**Tomato Rice**
**Steamed Rice**
**Brown Rice Biryani**
**Jeera Rice**
**Brown Rice Risotto**
**Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani**
**Kerala style mutton Biryani**
**Kolkata style chicken Biryani**
**Vegetable Pulavo**
**Fried Rice**

Getting water in mouth after seeing these recipes names !! Then What are you waiting for?? Have a look on Best Daawat Basmati Rice Brands Online available & prepare your favorite recipes

Let’s Explore

4.The Range Of Daawat Brand Basmati Rice

4.1.Rozana Super Basmati Rice

“A Perfect Fit For Every Day Consumption”


4.1.1 Rozana Super Basmati Rice

  • Daawat basmati rice Rozana is finest in the mid-price affordable segment.
  • Specially processed for daily cooking
  • A Multitude of regular dishes,
  • A perfect fit for every day consumption.
  • Rozana super promises a sweet taste and rich aroma
  • Each grain is naturally aged.

4.1.2. Features:

  • Original Basmati nourished by snow-fed rivers of the great Himalayas
  • Budget Friendly – Low on price, high on quality.
  • Maximum Shelf Life 24 Months
  • Daawat Basmati Rice Super is Easy to cook – firm and fluffy
  • Best thing is the shorter grain don’t break while stirring

4.1.3. Reason to choose Daawat Rozana Super Basmati Rice

  • It is Mix of full & upto half Broken Grains
  • Daawat Super Basmati becomes Fluffy & Separate Grains when cooked
  • Daawat Rozana is Best Basmati Rice Brand

4.2. Devaaya Basmati Rice (Aged)


4.2.1. Devaaya Basmati Rice

  • When cooked, Daawat Devaaya Basmati Rice texture retains its firmness,
  • It assumes tenderness without splitting,
  • Unlike other rice, it is non-sticky
  • The amylose content in the rice makes it Non-Sticky
  • The aroma in Basmati emanates from a cocktail of 100 compounds – hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and esters.
  • A particular molecule of note is 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline.
  • Basmati is considered to be at its best when it is translucent and creamy white.

4.2.2. Features

  • Prepared without using Chemicals
  • No banned Pesticides
  • Food enhancers are not used
  • No artificial colour
  • Maximum Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • One of the Best Indian Basmati Rice

4.3.Rozana Gold Basmati Rice

Daawat Rozana Gold Basmati Rice, 5kg

4.3.1. Daawat Rozana Gold

  • It is the finest Basmati Rice in the mid-price affordable segment.
  • Rozana Gold has 3/4th length of the basmati grains
  • It is specially processed for daily cooking across a multitude of regular dishes,
  • a perfect fit for every day consumption.
  • It promises a sweet taste and rich aroma as each grain is naturally aged.

4.3.2. Features

  • Zero cholesterol: Good for your heart and cardio vascular functioning
  • Whole grain (Lower carbohydrates): Helps in overall health
  • High on fiber: Good for digestion
  • Diabetic friendly. Maximum Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals: For stronger immunity

4.3.3. Reasons to choose

  • 3/4  Length of the Basmati
  • Rich Aroma
  • Sweet Taste

4.4. Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

“Geniune Brown Rice With Full Intact”


4.4.1. Brown Basmati Rice

  • Daawat brown basmati rice is a great option for a delicious, nutritious and healthy quick cooking rice meal.
  • Rich in fiber and natural goodness
  • Also has delicious nutty flavor.
  • It is processed with unique hydration enhancement technology
  • This retains all the essential nutrients, making Daawat brown rice India’s only quick cooking brown rice.
  • It has vital health benefits and tastes much better than regular brown rice.

4.4.2. Features

  • Zero cholesterol: Good for your heart and cardio vascular functioning
  • Whole grain (Lower carbohydrates): Helps in overall health
  • High on fiber: Good for digestion
  • Lower GI: Diabetic friendly
  • HET processed and enriched with vitamins and minerals: For stronger immunity

4.4.3. Reason to Choose Daawat Brown Basmati Rice

  • Contains Full Bran Intact
  • Daawat Brown Rice is Soft & Tasty
  • Contains all essential nutrients
  • Cooks & ready to serve in just 15 minutes

4.5.Pulav Basmati Rice

“Finest Pulav Basmati For Your Finest Pulav Recipes”


4.5.1. Pulav Basmati Rice

  • Daawat Pulav Basmati Rice is specifically used to prepare yummy pulav dish.
  • The grains are slender & pearly white
  • It has amazing aroma and flavor that makes Pulav delicious.
  • No need to worry the rice has a very less amount of cholesterol.
  • This rice helps in keeping healthy cardiovascular system because of the amount of fiber it contains.

4.5.2. Features

  • Pearly slender grains
  • Non sticky
  • It’s the secret for great pulav, fried rice, jeera rice, ghee rice

4.5.3. Reason to Choose Daawat Pulav Basmati Rice

  • Daawat Pulav is Slender
  • It is a Lustrous Grain
  • Elongates up to 18 mm

4.6.Traditional Basmati Rice

“The Perfect Blend of Taste & Aroma For The Finest Royal Cuisine”


4.6.1. Traditional Basmati Rice

  • It is Sourced from authentic Basmati fields
  • Every grain of Daawat traditional Basmati rice is the original rich aromatic rice.
  • Aged to perfection to give you sweet tasting finest rice, reviving the splendor of our royal cuisine
  • Ideal for making steamed rice.
  • Daawat Traditional is a unique blend of aroma and sweet taste, making it perfect for any rice dish.

4.6.2. Features

  • Safe and clean
  • untouched by human hands
  • hygienically packed

4.6.3. Reason to Choose Daawat Traditional Basmati Rice

  • Aged for 2 years
  • Rich Aroma
  • Exquisite Taste

4.7.Dubar Basmati Rice

“Full Grain Aged Basmati”

4.7.1. Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice

  • Daawat Dubar is half of the full basmati grain
  • Belongs to the ever popular super/pusa grains.
  • It has delightful taste and captivating aroma.
  • Makes your every meal a delicacy.
  • Economically priced nature’s gift.

4.7.2. Features

  • Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice is clean & safe to consume
  • Proper care is taken so that it remains untouched by human hands
  • Packing is done hygienically

4.7.3. Reason to Choose Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice

  • It is Full Grain Basmati
  • Aged Basmati
  • It has Delightful Taste & Aroma


After exploring the different range of Daawat Basmati Rice brands, it’s time to order the Best Basmati Rice Online in India @

No tension of going to grocery store or any Grocery Mart, Just select your favorite brand at Amazon and place order online.
Thus, with Daawat Basmati Rice, you will not only lose weight and relish your favorite dishes but also improve your health for the long term.

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